Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Skincare Routine

So my face doesn't hate what I've been doing to it over the past few months...

First of all, lets get acquainted with my face shall we? I have acne prone combination/oily skin that scars with even the tiniest pimple. I suffer with hormonal acne so there's not much I can do to prevent monthly breakouts, but I try my best to deal with the clear up and prevent spots forming in between. I'm the worst when it comes to keeping to a strict regime, so I try not to make things too overcomplicated.

99% of my routine takes place at night. First, I'll take off my makeup with whatever wipes I happened to pick up out shopping -- I don't favour a particular brand. Then I'll use Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Facial Wash (1.) to clean my face. I really like that it's foamy because it feel that it helps with oil control. It's not a miracle worker for spot clearing, but it does help reduce some redness and clear minor problem areas.

Twice a week, I'll exfoliate my face using Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint Facial Scrub (2.) which smells amazing and leaves this weirdly pleasant cooling sensation. Another exfoliating product I use once or twice a week is the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (5.) which is an exfoliating cream which claims to brighten and smooth the complexion. I'll be posting a full review of the product soon which I will link here.

Once or twice a week, I'll use a face mask to help calm down my acne. I love the Montagne Jeunesse masks since they're cheap and you can get about decent three uses out of each pack if you're careful. My favourites are the Very Berry Ultra Moisturising & Cleansing and Deep Cleansing Passion Peel-Off masks (3.). To further tackle active breakouts and to prevent new ones, I use Quinoderm Cream for Acne (4.). It contains 5% or 10% Benzoyl Peroxide which works to clear pores and reduce bacteria. It's only available online by prescription, but can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacies. I'd recommend starting off with a lower strength cream and then working your way up to a higher dose if your skin can handle it since it does make your skin feel burned and itchy. For a moisturiser, I'm currently using Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturiser (7.) which is oil-free and contains salicylic acid to help prevent spots. I've definitely noticed a reduction in the number of random spots I get whilst I've been using this, so I'd highly recommend it to anyone with mild-moderate acne. It's moisturising without being greasy and absorbs quickly, so it makes a great base for foundation.

In the mornings, I don't usually feel like doing anything fancy to my skin, so I'll just take some Superdrug Tea Trea & Peppermint Cleanser and Toner (6.) on a cotton puff and cleanse my face since there's not much oil and dirt buildup after I cleansed my skin properly before bed. I'll follow up with some moisturiser and then I'm good to go!

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